What we are looking for

Regression is used in most cases to explore the cause of the problem. I deliberately use the word “explore” here and not diagnose. There are still hypnotists who make a judgment about the cause of their client’s problem and where exactly it comes from during the preliminary consultation. But far from it, because even the information your client gives you in the preliminary talk is very often not the real problem. More on this under “Leading & guiding”.
Regression can also be used for other purposes. For example, to reawaken previous skills.
The two most important events we want to track down are

  • ISE The situation that originally caused the problem
  • AE The situation that activated the problem (can also be ISE at the same time)

The client does not always go straight to the ISE, even if we instruct him to do so. There are usually intermediate stages on the way there, the SSEs.
There may be several reasons why the client does not go straight to the ISE:

  • he is still too rational during the hypnosis session, thinking about which event he should go to
  • he thinks he knows where the problem is coming from and therefore ends up in the situation he thinks is the right one
  • the SSE is a formative event that helps him to become aware of various things once again
  • the problem triggers different feelings (emotions). So therefore possibly also several ISEs

The following lessons will go into more detail and provide more information.


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