Why quick and flash inductions?

The interest in flash inductions, quick inductions or using a code word

  • Quick or flash inductions are generally appreciated by young people.
  • They are suitable for people who are analytical and relate to numbers or currencies.
  • They are useful at the end of the afternoon or in the evening when people are tired.
  • It saves time to devote to the problem of the subject.
  • They often have built-in “tests”.
  • The subject notices by himself that he is hypnotized.
  • Eliminates the “I don’t think I’ve been hypnotized” syndrome.

The same applies to inductions triggered by a key word (or gesture) that instantly puts the subject back into a trance state.

Create an anchoring induction

  • Create a triggering word in somnambulism. Unique keyword (not used elsewhere). Normally the keyword is context-dependent
  • Associate it with the hypnotist’s voice and location (practice)
  • Fractionation to test the keyword
  • Lead into a future situation (progression) and test the keyword (think about the next session and listen to the keyword)

Works regardless of the emotional state the person is in when they enter the practice. (Sadness, anger, joy… return to a neutral or relaxing trance.


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