Direct suggestions

Giving suggestions is always part of a hypnosis session.
The method of direct suggestion is rather meant to suggest words/phrases to the subject in a deep somnambulism that improve his condition and only have their effect during or after hypnosis.
This technique is useful, for example, when there is little time available, in a demo or when there is no specific problem for the subject.
Direct suggestions paired with compounding have a very intensive effect on the subject.

Direct suggestions can and should be used in every session. Especially shortly before the end of the session. This could also be the essence of the session, which is reinforced again at the end using suggestions.

An example of this is John Hartland’s ego-strengthening script.
here you can download the script directly!


  • Write your own script using the Hartland script. It should be much shorter, with your own ideas.
  • Record an audio file using Elman Induction and an intensifier, then write your own script.
  • Have a test person listen to it.
  • Ask for feedback.


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