A script that goes beyond hypnosis “Hyper” means “beyond”, “Emperia” means an experience.

Dr. phil. Don Gibbons claims in his book “Beyond Hypnosis: Explorations in Hyperemperia” that there are many ways to experience an altered state of consciousness.

The concept of hyperemperia provides the hypnotist with another tool for his work. However, it is not just another induction, but a tool for working with difficult (sometimes deeply hypnotic) clients who do not succeed with traditional induction methods.

The reason that this induction can have an impact on analytic and resistant clients is that it does not allow them to enter a state of deep hypnosis too comfortably. Sometimes “deep” subjects tend to shut down and drift off mentally during the process. Hyperemperia induction actually keeps the client more alert without causing fatigue.

CAUTION: Sometimes clients become anxious when they feel Hyperemperia taking them out of their comfort zone. This, of course, can be very fruitful for the hypnotist seeking access to effective behavior change in the client.

Note: Include your own ego-strengthening suggestions in the summary of the script.

Hyperemperia – Script


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