Convincer – Persuader

Convincers are basically evidence that the subject is under hypnosis. You can find some instructions here. Most hypnotists have great respect (fear) of including convincers in their sessions because they are afraid that something might not work.
Convincers are not so efficient for nothing. In principle, you can’t fail when using them. It simply gives you and your test person feedback on where the test person currently stands. If you use it correctly, you will find that in very few situations you will not get the result you expect. Hypnosis will not end because of this.
In most cases it will work, which gives the subject a conviction that he is under hypnosis…so it works…so his change works too!

Suggested eye catalepsy

“In a moment I will count to 3. You’ll notice that your eyes close tighter and tighter with every number I say.

At 3, they will be so tightly closed that you won’t be able to open them.
You will try to open them at 3, but you will not succeed. The more you try, the tighter they close.

One – let your eyes get heavier and more tired so that they close more and more.

Two – now very tightly closed, so tired, so heavy, as if glued together. The more you try, the tighter they close.
The tighter they close, the deeper you relax. Try, but you can’t … The more you try, the more your eyes close.

Three – try to open them, but you can’t, you realize they just stay closed.

That’s it, now you can stop testing and continue to relax.”

Arm catalepsy

“I will soon ask you to raise your right (left) arm, stretch it out in front of you and make a fist with your hand.
In this position we will engage the wrist, elbow and shoulder.
(Touch the affected parts of the body)

As soon as you stretch out your arm I will count from 1 to 5. You will notice that your arm becomes firmer and firmer, as firm as an iron bar or steel beam.
At 5, you will try to lower or bend your arm, but you will not succeed. The harder you try, the less it will work.
Stretch it out now!

One – Feel your arm getting tighter and tighter. It just stays stretched out like this.
Two – Your wrist, elbow and shoulder simply lock into place. As if made of one piece.
Three – You can’t lower your arm, it just doesn’t work anymore, impossible.
Four – very firm, strong, like a bar of iron.
Five – Try to bend or lower your arm, you can’t do it. The more you try, the less you will succeed… That’s good. Stop testing.

As soon as I snap my fingers, it’s easy again and your arm can be lowered again.
(Support the test person by holding the arm lightly
)As soon as your arm goes down, you relax even more, and the further it goes down, the more relaxed you become.
As soon as he is on your
leg, just let yourself go”.

Insensitivity to pain (analgesia)

“In the following moment, I will take your hand.
You will notice that I am stroking a certain part of your hand,
to show you the spot that will soon be completely numb,
numb and completely painless.

Perhaps you know that there is a difference between
insensitivity to pain and anesthesia.

You can still feel the touch,
which is not possible under anesthesia.

So when I rub the surface of your hand,
it becomes insensitive to pain,
completely numb.

You may notice a pleasant sensation,
but whatever its nature,
you don’t care at all, and it is always “painless”.

Pinch gently at first and then more often
together the palm area of the subject’s hand with your thumb and index finger.

You can leave a light trace with your fingernails. Pay attention to the eyes of your test person to determine this,
how he reacts.

“Wonderful. Totally relaxed.
If the person doesn’t react or flinches,
you’ve passed the test,
otherwise it tells you
that you need to deepen the hypnosis.

If the test is passed,
Now go to the following test.


You most likely have a clock on the wall
not paying too much attention,
you’ve probably noticed it,
that the numbers are all in reverse

in reverse order?
Yes, they are reversed on the dial
and go counterclockwise.

In this moment when you are so deeply and wonderfully relaxed,
I want you to stay in this state,
even though I’m about to ask you to open your eyes.
You remain so deeply relaxed.

Then you will look at the clock on the wall in front of you
and notice the reverse order of the numbers.
That’s right, now open your eyes and look.
Isn’t that amazing?”


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