Preparations for an online session


Before the actual session, there are a few things you should do and pay attention to. The requirements for a successful session must be clarified with the client in advance. Some information can be sent to the client via video message.

Preliminary discussion

All matters should be clarified in the preliminary meeting, as you would normally do in a one-to-one session.

Room requirements

For the hypnotist

Above all, make sure that the session can take place free of unnecessary noise in the surroundings. The client can see you on their monitor and what’s right next to it.

At best, a rather neutral background should be visible here. Avoid sitting in front of a shelf or picture, we never know what associations this may evoke in the customer.

Make sure you are sitting comfortably and upright, this has a direct influence on your voice. Avoid eating or smoking in between, only drink a sip of water when necessary and when there is a break in the induction or process. Go to the toilet beforehand and make sure that nobody disturbs you. Phone, computer on silent. No music. You should be easily recognizable, i.e. a room that is too bright rather than too dark. Make sure you appear pleasant, dress appropriately, maintain hygiene…

Plan the necessary time for the upcoming session. Go to the toilet before the meeting.

For the client

Set the frame for the session. Explain to your client how they can choose and arrange their location so that the session can take place in the best possible atmosphere. Insist on the most important points.

The client should prepare for the session and plan the necessary time for it. Choose a place where he can be undisturbed and alone. Turn off cell phone, TV, radio … on silent. Before the meeting, go to the toilet.

The client should take a seat in an armchair. A blanket, because as we know, we are more sensitive in hypnosis. A bed or couch is rather unfavorable. A lying position is more conducive to sleep unless the person is confined to their bed due to illness. In this case, sitting upright may still be possible. The room should be well ventilated.

The camera of the device you are using must be positioned so that you can at least see your face and hands.

Interior setting

Your inner attitude should be fundamentally positive in relation to the process, your client, your skills and the result.
“There is no such thing as trying… Either you do it or you don’t!”


Use the two checklists to make sure that you and your client have thought of everything. You can send the checklist to your client by e-mail before the session.

Hypnotist checklist

Client checklist


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